(The mortgage office of) Tom Bradley-King


What's your experience?

I'm a second generation Broker with 20 years experience originating and funding a 1000+ home loans. I've worked at E*Trade and Mr. Cooper and owned a mortgage brokerage for nearly 18 years.

How is a broker different than a Lender?

A lender sells their own pricing/ products, a broker can sell any lenders pricing and pick one that has more flexible approvals to make sure you get the best deal for your situation.

What lenders do you use?

Although I can access additional lenders, my pricer can reference in the ballpark of 30 lenders. These are giants like Rocket Mortgage, Freedom, Provident funding and Penny Mac.

Can you do purchases and refinances?

Yes, all are welcome!

Would you add a lender if my situation was unique?

If they could fund your loan... Absolutely! My business was built on going the extra mile to earn business and future referrals.

Can you lock loans?

Yes! As soon as you are prequalified, I order your appraisal and send me your paperwork we can lock you loan. That can be in as little 15 minutes if you "attack" the paperwork I need to submit your loan.

How long are your locks?

The locks we request from the lenders are traditionally 30-60 days.

Can you do VA loans?

Absolutely! Freedom is the #1 Wholesale VA lender (as of publication) and we work with them.

How fast can we fund?

Inside of 2 weeks is possible, average is around 30 days.